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Removing Iguanas

IguanaExpert.com owner Rodney Irwin specializes in Iguana Control and Removal. Mostly within the South Florida regions. We should have ZERO TOLERANCE for Iguanas and their population here in South Florida, they are an invasive and nonnative reptile harming our ecosystem. 

Iguanas in small numbers have long been considered a pretty reptile and a minor nuisance

in Florida. That is no longer the case..


In the last four years, I have become the largest private tegu removal operation in this country.

Iguanas, Tegus and Pythons are nonnative invasive reptiles sharing commonalities in habitat and reproduction.

Iguanas are able to easily  quadruple their number every year in South Florida.

Think about it...

As of January 2018, I will focus my experience

and skills set on the removal of iguanas.


This is something I feel strongly about.

It needs to be done,  and done now.

The current population represents a very real

threat as adults, children and pets increasingly

encounter these large powerful animals living in and around their homes.


Their digging and borrowing is well documented. Seawalls, sidewalks,streets, airport runways and all manner of infrastructure assets have sustained damage with repair costs in the millions. Iguanas are known to kill mangroves, harbor salmonella bacteria and expel a high level of excrement for an animal of their size. ( due to the low mineral 

content of their diet, they must consume high volume to meet their survival requirements ).

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