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A lifetime of living with Florida native reptiles and observing the impact

from the invasion of animals that should not be here has, provided understanding and experience that is learned, not found in books.

I believe it is important for everyone to understand the situation

and what the future holds for the wildlife here. I have spent considerable time and effort with the media to emphasize this point.

It is difficult to explain to people that are not here, are not living

this problem. My life has always been about teaching about and protecting

reptiles. However, the size and scope of the iguana invasion presents

only two choices.

One: Do nothing and accept the damage to our natives and ecosystem.

The Second: Humanely remove iguanas to allow the balance of nature to recover.

In a perfect world, there would be more options.

Of course, I would prefer to rescue and relocate.

In this world, sadly, the minimum number of iguana removals

necessary to put things back on track is about fifty thousand.

The capture, transport, housing and feeding costs would be in the

millions. The pet trade in iguanas is saturated now.

Also, please keep in mind, Capture, Relocate and Release -

                           Is against the law.