I operate on the concept that fortification is futile.


As you are probably aware, Iguanas can swim, dig, run,

climb and burrow (everything but fly and I have seen them

to that from tree to tree).

Removing Iguanas is what I do.

Many Iguana businesses offer what is said to be a "system"

that will protect your home and property. These systems

require wrapping all trees with a material to prevent  iguanas

from climbing.( not an appealing look for your landscaping design). Additionally, the dock pilings must be wrapped

as well as the entire dock perimeter. And, of course,

the entire property must have  special anti-iguana fencing

with a 5-6 foot anti-climb barrier surrounding your pool.

They will supply and install all of these items.

This "feel good" approach is very expensive and not very


My point is, iguanas will  access your property

from your neighbors dock, dig under the fence, move

from other trees to yours or simply walk up your driveway.

They are  too smart and too many in number for this

type of approach to be successful.

This is the price you pay in deciding  not to terminate (kill) them. A good and noble position. However, they will

continue to breed and each pair will produce about

25 offspring next year that will survive and grow to be adults.

Females lay an average of 35 eggs per year.

Trapping iguanas then releasing them elsewhere would

only move the problem to another location.